Revv for Demand is no longer a supported service at Rubicon Project. There are multiple ways in which you can continue to access Rubicon Project's quality marketplace. Our recommendations for customers are:

Rubicon Project Enterprise Bidder (RPEB)
Rubicon Project’s Enterprise Bidder is a our newest buying tool for customers. A 100% RTB-based platform, RPEB offers access to Rubicon Project’s open marketplace with greater efficiency around private marketplace deal delivery. You can contact our RPEB sales team here.

OpenRTB Integration

If you have your own DSP technology we recommend integrating with Rubicon Project’s marketplace using the OpenRTB protocol. You can contact our Business Development team here.

3rd Party DSP Partner

Rubicon Project is connected to more than 200 DSPs globally which can be licensed by buyers to access our marketplace.

If you have any other questions, or need to speak to an Account Services representative, pleae reach out to

Thank you

Rubicon Project